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Welcome to Hardman Road!  This site is the face of a multi-dimensional men’s ministry that seeks to connect men to Jesus Christ and facilitate a relationship with Jesus that can bring LIFE and TRUTH to their families, friends, the Next Generation, and all within their circle of influence.

A man’s life is full of tough, hard times.  It can include physical encounters with other men in regards to safety of the home, defense of our country and freedoms, or protection of our wife and kids.  It certainly includes the struggle to get up and work daily, to provide income to monetarily support the needs of our family and friends.  It also requires mental toughness to lead the family well, to push in and develop relationships with those around us, and to hold up under the strain of work and life demands.

The Holy Bible provides a playbook for men’s lives that empowers a man to be a strong leader at home and at work and to have a positive influence on those around him.  In the New Testament Book of Matthew, Chapter 6 verse 33, Jesus summarizes one of the keys to life when he says, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you.”  Hardman Road Men, which includes a local men’s group in Hull, Georgia and additional men and men’s groups around the world that tie in to the base group, seek to know God and what He is doing in the world today, so that they may live strong, successful lives.

A foundation for impactful living is Christ’s truth.  Jesus provided statements, parables, and verbal and physical examples that contrasted sharply with the conventional thinking of both the religious and secular circles of His day.  Nearly 2000 years after Jesus’s death, they still contrast strongly with conventional wisdom, yet they still ring true when studied and lived out.   It is these truths of Jesus, that empower a life well-lived, one of service to others and one with long-lasting impact.  While visiting this site, check out the Truths from Hardman Road.  If you do not have a relationship with Jesus, but would like to know more about Him, reach out to us through the Contact Us page.  If you are a Christ Follower, provide some feedback on how Jesus has empowered you to live an impactful life.  Thank you for visiting this site.

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