Deadly Chokehold


 And some fell among thorns, and the thorns sprang up and choked them.
— Matthew 13:7.

Men, a sower is scattering seed. Some has now been cast among thorns. These thorns spring up and choke the good seed out. Jesus explains in vs 22, he that receives seed among thorns are like those who hear the Word but the cares of this world and the deceitfulness of riches choke the Word and he becomes unfruitful.

We know the passage “you cannot serve God and money” in Mathew 6:24. We do our best to compartmentalize our lives into manageable sections. We have our work face, our church face, and our families often get whatever is left, after we spend time with the peers. We are not called to compartmentalize. We are called to “die to self daily” in surrender to the One that matters.

While at church do we discuss work and the topic of the day until the show begins. The cares of this world are choking the life out of what the Holy Spirit is trying to accomplish within us. Do we spend more time surfing information sources regarding the issue of the day than we do searching His Word for truths that apply to our daily growth regardless of season?

If this is you, you sir, are being choked by thorns. If the latest over hyped calamity takes your attention away from His Word planted within you, you sir are choked. If working overtime to buy the latest toy or gadget commands your time, you sir have fallen victim to the deceitfulness of riches.

There are very real dangers and troubles in our world. A bad health report is a legitimate concern. But! If we allow that concern to steal our peace, we are choked by the cares of this world. Jesus offers peace through the struggle and storm, promising to never leave or forsake us. Jesus endures the fire with us. What if we spent more time learning the protocols that bring heavenly authority and power into our physical lives than worrying about matters otherwise beyond our control?

Move forward men, clearing thorns out of our gardens. Cut the noise down so we can see and hear Jesus in our lives!

Vance Durrance

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