Grace Liberates Us


Our own greatest relationship problem is ourselves.  We’ve all been sinned against and suffered abuse of all different kinds. But our deepest and greatest difficulty exist inside of us.  Grace alone changes everything Grace liberates us from all the brokenness and bitterness inside us so we can actually have a relationship.

Grace does three things.

(1) It frees us from the bondage of our own self-righteousness. We can’t have a relationship based on our own righteousness, it’s doomed to failure. But when we accept Jesus Christ in our lives, Through Him we can stand before God as righteous. So we are free to own up to our lives as being a mess, and not be defensive about it because of God’s Grace.

(2) When we embrace Christ’s righteousness as our own we are free from having to be in control of everything.  Jesus said in Luke 12:32 “fear not, little flock, for it’s your Father’s great pleasure to give you the Kingdom.” We don’t have to build a kingdom, it’s already done. Through Grace we’ve been given more than we could ever want in God’s Kingdom. So quit arguing and just accept it.

(3) Christ’s righteousness frees us from the bondage of unrealistic expectations.  So stop seeking the approval of man and his earthly expectations.  Stop asking people in your life to be your own personal messiahs, who will make you feel good about yourselves.  We’ve already been given everything we need for life. Through Grace we can live life in Abundance and walk in the light of all Jesus has done to free us from ourselves.

Ronnie Jones

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  1. Thanks Steve I went back and looked at the email. Should have proof read it before sending. You made me look good.

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