Revelations from the Book of Nehemiah

NehemiahWe have been studying the Book of Nehemiah in our Sunday School class for the last quarter.  Derek, my son, suggested that I write down some of the things we learned in this study.  The first thing we learned about the book of Nehemiah is that it is not really about Nehemiah.  It is about God using a benchmark person to reveal Himself to those that have been given an unction to seek Him.  The following are a few of the characteristics of God that are revealed in the Book of Nehemiah:

  • God can bring judgment on nations, even His chosen nation, for disobeying His law and following their own law (rebelling).
  • God does take care of his chosen no matter where they are; Nehemiah was exiled to Babylon. God’s hand was on him.
  • God does present opportunities to serve Him (hear, see, draw near, obey) even when we have been exiled due to our sins.
  • God does give vision of what needs to be done to bring Him glory and honor. We must have the faith to act on the visions He provides.
  • Hearing His words when we have been in a rebellious state can and should bring sorrow of heart when they cause us to see our sins and His holiness.
  • Understanding and turning (obeying) to God’s Word brings strength to our souls. The joy of the Lord is my strength!
  • Joy of hearing His Word and seeing His Works is worthy of celebration and making sure all outside are invited to experience the joy and share in the celebration.

Nehemiah is just one book of the Bible that reveals Gods manifold character to his special creation (all men).  In fact, there are 22 books in the Old Testament and 16 in the New Testament named after men and two in the Old Testament named after women.  These books are not about any of the people they are named after but instead they are all about using their lives as benchmarks for revealing Himself, His ways, and His plans for us.   Our lives are to be benchmarks to help others hear and see Jesus.  What does your life’s story tell about the character of God?  Watch with Him, talk with Him and lift Him up everyday by showing and sharing His love, His mercy, His grace to all we encounter on whatever path He takes us along.

Phil DoughertyNehemiah

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