Enter Together

Noan and Family Entering the Ark

“You will enter the ark—you, your sons, your wife, and your sons’ wives with you.” – Genesis 6:18b, NET

This is the first time the family is mentioned to be included in the purpose of the ark. Noah was not to be alone in this large vessel, but to bring along “seven others” (2Pe 2:5), totaling “eight souls [to be] delivered through water” (1Pe 3:20).

Did you know the Chinese word-picture for boat = vessel + eight + people. And the Chinese word-picture for flood = water + total (which breaks down into together + earth + eight). Think about this. I believe this is not only a testament to the validity of a worldwide cataclysmic flood, but a beautiful reminder that salvation is for the family—together.

“For the promise is for you and your children, and for all who are far away, as many as the Lord our God will call to himself.” -Acts 2:39, NET

This is why God made the instruction of the family central to the prosperity of His people (Deu 4:9). Discipleship starts at home. Much more than a pleasant verse adorning our walls, it should be a defining mark on all our works, our thoughts, and how we live (our goings and comings) (Deu 6:8-9; 1Co 2:16; 2Co 10:4-5). The words of God should be incorporated into EVERYTHING we do—whether we sit, walk, lie down, and get up (Deu 6:7-9). God’s blessings depend upon it (Deu 11:19-25).

Not only this, but everything is futile apart from God (Ecc 1:2), including raising and building a family. If the Lord is not in it, a house is built in vain (Psa 127:1). If Christ is not at its center, then it is a worthless endeavor, for all its labor will be burned up in the end (1Co 3:12-13).

Notice, “you” proceeds the others. In order to instruct, we must hear His commands first (Deu 4:10). So let us make sure as they follow us, we are following the one that provides the rest (1Co 11:1). And we MUST make every effort to enter that rest, assuring that no one behind us follows a pattern of disobedience (Heb 4:11). If we neglect so great a salvation (Heb 2:3), we will surely have the blood of our children on our hands (Psa 95:7-11; Eze 3:18)? At the very least, we will subject our families to wilderness wanderings (Num 14:33).

Do not delay like Lot, being content to live among the world, enjoying the honor of men and their pleasures (Gen 13:10-11; 19:1). Living in anguish over evil is not enough (Gen 19:7; 2Pe 2:7-8). You will end up sacrificing your family to please men (Gen 19:8). Do not wait for the final moment when you are ripped from your home (Gen 19:16), barely escaping with your life and suffering great loss (1Co 3:15). You will only leave behind a legacy of death (Gen 19:26) and disgrace (Gen 19:36).

Endeavor whole-heartedly to bring your family aboard the ark of life. Only sons (of God) and wives (of the Lamb) may enter salvation (Gal 4:7; Eph 5:32; Rev 21:7,9). So make every effort to enter together, expending our lives to bring others into the family of God and thus into His great ark of salvation.

Billy Neal

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