Where are the mighty men of God today?

Mighty Men

What would a spiritual warrior look like in 2019?  In our current world do we even have a concept of what this would look like?  We sometimes hear of a prayer warrior.  And the vision we have of this more often than not is an elderly woman now capable of little else who prays faithfully.  If we can even visualize a man as a spiritual warrior we likely envision and elderly man with his bible open, reading it early in the morning.  Honestly, the vision of a spiritual warrior has been stolen from many of us. Literally veiled from our spirit’s eyes.  We don’t think immediately or naturally of a Christian as a warrior.  We may think of them as a worker.  We may think of them as a cheek turner; a pacifist that perhaps can withstand some condemnation of the non-church-going world.  But we don’t see a warrior.   We wonder sometimes why we don’t see greater impact and miracles, but we can’t even create a vision of a modern day spiritual warrior.

We often think of an impactful Christian man as a preacher who moves people to consider their status and the truths of the bible; to influence people to change behavior; maybe as a comforter in his pastoral role at the time of a loved one’s passing.  We think of elders or deacons as middle-aged or elderly men that have proven themselves faithful in Bible study, perhaps are proven in Bible or Sunday school teaching, maybe knowledgeable regarding methodologies of ceremonies like the Lord’s Supper, serving on committees, accustomed to making joint decisions regarding church discipline, and representing the church in visitation or business matters. These actions describe men of the Word or men of the church, but do these things describe a spiritual warrior?  There is a physical working and knowledge side here, and a mental side here, but is there a Spirit-led and empowered battler of evil spirits here?  Most of these men would testify to the validity of the Bible; and to its value for keeping their life on track, i.e. a good book for life.  A few would testify of the Spirit leading them; most would argue that the Lord orders their steps in some way.  Many would draw up short of the Spirit speaking outside of the Bible.  But where are the spiritual warriors in today’s world? Those that absolutely head-on confront the evil spirits or principalities?

If we look for a spiritual warrior in the Bible, do we see anything different?  David loved the written word, but he had a living faith in God that was outrageous.  It was developed from the stories of his ancestors, sure, but also from the delivery of the living God from the bear and the lion.  And from the Spirit of God directly creating a great spirit within him.  This faith was so real and so large that he would face a giant when all other men in Israel would not.  He was a spiritual warrior; not without physical prowess, but a spiritual warrior.  It was not his great tools or muscles that empowered him but rather his faith and his God.  It was his truly his developed and empowered spirit.  All other men that had the opportunity to go out to Goliath were defeated first by fear; they were willing to face captivity of themselves and their family before they would face this large man. But Goliath wasn’t just a man.  He was the literal physical embodiment of all that would defy God.  He was empowered by the anti-Jehovah spirit.  And David was not just a young strong man.  He was the embodiment of the faith (the heart) of the Living God Jehovah.

Is the checklist for a spiritual warrior his prayer book? Or his ability to quote the books of the Bible in order correctly? Maybe his knowledge of Robert’s Rules of Order and how to run a church committee meeting?  Maybe his ability to keep beer out of his refrigerator, curse words off his tongue or lustful thoughts out of his mind?  None of those things fully empowers a man to face the giants of our day when none other will.

Will any of those Christian men of today (whether deacon, or pastor, or preacher, or Sunday School teacher) go out and meet today’s Goliaths?  Or would they draw up short in fear of legal battles? Or government intervention?  Or concerns of political correctness? Or fears of impact on their career and paycheck? Or concerns of separation of church and state?  Would you?  Would you face the giants of agnosticism? Of the combatant religions?  Or even the Christian religious systems? Or the anti-Christs of this world? The Goliaths of this age stand in the middle of the valley and call out a challenge to the current men of God.  Will anyone go out to meet them?  Would our country be in its current state if any had?  The giants of our day don’t necessarily look the same.  They are often actually in the shape of a woman now (with public women names of notoriety) but they are giants of the anti-Christ nonetheless.

Jesus, both fully man (born of water and blood) and fully God (conceived of the Spirit; no second birth required), faced the Prince of this world directly, as a man. Knowing the Father fully, with confidence even in God’s promise of the ability to lay His life down and take it up again, weaponless He faced the Jewish rulers and Roman centurions and Roman rulers, and literally all that was anti-God.  They mocked Him, harmed Him physically, and tempted, tested and tried Him.  And in the greatest display of physical strength and outrageous faith He let them take His physical life, and He literally poured out His soul, and released His spirit from His body to face the torments of hell, to then, upon the authority of His heavenly Father, take up His life again, to defeat the greatest giant of all, i.e. Satan himself in his defined environment. That is a mighty man of faith.

Inspired by His teaching and His living example and His death, His disciples also faced the Goliaths of the day, in city after city after city, to establish a church on the cornerstone of Christ’s great truth and testimony of His Father God.  What can you see today regarding what a mighty man of God might look like?  Can you see more than a reader of Bible stories? More than a committee leader? How about real men, who have faced the demons of fear, depression, suicide, threat of financial ruin, legal suit, character assassination, the battle of pride, and still emerged on top, unafraid and standing ready to face the giants that come against the people of our God?  And then, can you see the giants of this world mocking the one true God today without fear of confrontation?  Can you envision a man who steps up and answers the call of Satan giants in today’s world?  Where are today’s mighty men? What do you see?  What can you be in Christ?

For 2019, will you resolve to prepare better for Sunday School. Or will you resolve to face your fears in preparation for Giant confrontations.

Derek Dougherty

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