Fear vs Loved


            I John. 4:18  tell us “There is no fear in love, instead perfect love drives out fear, because fear involves punishment. (or fear has it’s own punishment or torment) So the one who fears has not reached perfection in love.”   Of all the human emotions fear is the bases for worry, anxiety, none chemical depression, anger, loneliness, with drawl, passivity, insecurity, and the list goes on.  I’m sure you could add to it.  Sadly we live in a fear based society.  When fear is the base line of our lives, as I John. 4:18 states there will be torment.  Sadly my birth family and my own life have been based for way to long on fear.  Thankfully the Holy Spirit is showing me the way out.

The way out is learning to understand what or who is perfect love is. Proverbs 1:7 tells us that “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and discipline.”  Fear in our modern english is a poor word to use. The awe of the Lord would be a better way to put it.  If I’m in awe of something, it usually means that there is a destructive side and a constructive side that I want to be part of.  Over my life I have been around horses which were a pleasure to ride, but I also realized that if they desired to use their power in the wrong way, it was going to be a rough day.  I’ve also had friends who I would describe as “gentle bears.”  They were people who I was very glad to be on their side.  I realized that if I was not on their side and they decided to pitch me over their shoulder, it could happen in a heart beat, but that is not what they desired to do.  If I PUSHED it, it could and would happen, BUT not something they desired to do.  It’s awesome to ride that kind of horse or have that kind of friend.  We know that if something goes upside down when we are with them, we are protected.

How about if I change the wording?  The awe od the Lord is the beginning of protection.  In this life there is going to plenty of “normal” or at times life is going to be difficult.  If I call the difficult times of this life “normal”, which they are.  Nothing happens to me, that hasn’t happened to somebody else.  “Normal” keeps me from throwing the victim card.  When the “normals” happen, which they will!  If I’m in fear of my God, believing that He is out to get me or is mean, my whole life is fear based and tormented.  If I’m in awe of my loving God and the normals of this life happen, I will run to Him for protection.  This is not to say that if I choose to go against God’s will, that He will not correct me.  He will, but His desire is not to destroy me, which He could, but His desire is to restore me to a loving relationship with Him.  So this is my choice, do I live my life in fear of my God and run from Him, thus a life of fear and torment, or do I live my life in awe of my loving God, thus when the “normals” of this life happen, I run to Him knowing that I will be loved and protected through them, just as Jesus was.  It’s my choice!!

Tim Smith

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  1. Everyone experiences fear in their lives daily. And the Spirit of Fear is not from the Lord. But sometimes we let it take root in our lives and we have to cast it out. This message helps to put it in its proper perspective. Thanks, Tim


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