A Spiritual Battle?


What can you ‘see’ in regards to the spiritual battle?  How does this relate to potential ‘revival’ or the opposite, ongoing ‘demoralization’.

The world around us is ‘scaled’.  For some, they see only the small area within which they live and the small circle of those they deal with or that influence them.  Others have vision of the ‘big picture’.  Some see only the physical.  Others see the spiritual.  What do you see?

We all see the physical.  Some care and some do not, but we all see.  We see the bad neighborhoods.  We see poverty.  We see the opposite, i.e. wealth and the abuse of wealth.  Do we see the spiritual in front of us?  Do we see the greatness of God delivered through people who are His hands and His feet, i.e. men and women of God sacrificially serving others doing good things to help those in need?  Likely, when we slow down and get our mind off ourselves.  Do we see the positive words of encouragement and truth being delivered (as opposed to the negative) and the Word of God repeated (on signs or through people)?  Do we see how this literally offsets and even wars against the evil (the drugs, the suppression of free will – like domestic abuse, the lack of hope – for a future, the depression)?  Do we see the spiritual balance in a building, an area, a town, a region, a state, a nation, on this globe?

At the source there is but one Good and that is the God of the Bible.  And at the source there is one primary representative of evil and that is Satan.  God delivered his good word through his Word, Jesus Christ (John 1:1).  Jesus’s work is supported by his people and the angels and by the Holy Spirit.  Satan’s effort is coordinated and supported as well by the ‘World’ and by his demons.  While these are simple truths, so many see only the physical.  When Paul says, “We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers” this is what he means.  We see the physical (good and bad things and efforts) but what we see is the result of the spiritual efforts and natures of God and Satan and the supporting casts.

Do you see the channels by which good and evil flow into your home, your neighborhood, your region, your country?  God works through his children and his angels.  Christian men and women serving Christ Jesus bring the truth of Jesus and the heart of God to other men and women on this earth.  The children of God, those who have accepted Jesus Christ and are ‘sealed’ by the Holy Spirit bring life to those who are spiritually dead because as they go they have LIFE (John 14:6) in the form of the Holy Spirit in them.  The devil works to thwart the work of the Lord by seeking to kill, steal and destroy and to rob the hope and faith from the Children of God.  The Lord’s people thwart Satan’s effort by following the commands of Jesus, i.e. not worrying, not fearing, sharing with others, loving others, and getting in the mess with others to bring them out.  It is a war for the souls of men.  Do you see it?

If you see it, do you act?  Just going to church doesn’t get it done.  In fact in some cases a pacified church is a barrier to the battle.  Serving on a grounds committee or a bereavement committee or other good efforts don’t fully get it done.  Lukewarmness and show don’t get it done.  What offset’s evil and furthers the Kingdom of God is surrender to the Lord and the subsequent following of his commands.  It is vision, compassion and applied obedient effort.  His vision and your effort under his direction.  Do you see it?  Do you act?  Christian men, if you want demoralization, sit back and continue to do nothing.  If you want revival, see and act!  Act in what way and at what scale?  In the way you are called and at the scale that the Lord allows you to see.  What do you see?  Lord, open our eyes, fill us with courage, and empower us with the Holy Spirit to do your work today!

Derek Dougherty

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2 thoughts on “A Spiritual Battle?”

  1. This message had good insight and brings a strong challenge to men of God. Thank you for the insight and challenge!

    1. Well said Derek that was spot on. Whether we realize it or not all Christians are under attack in different ways,sometimes we don’t even see it coming. The enemy never sleepes. He seeks to kill steal and destroy. We must be aware at all times. Great message that every man should be aware of.


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