Come and See

At our church, we have a “boiler room team” – a group of people who take shifts praying for our service each Sunday (patterned after Charles Spurgeon’s church “heating plant”). Last Sunday was one of my shifts and I was in our House of Prayer alone. We are going through the book of Nehemiah, so I had read Nehemiah 2-6 before praying and listening and then I prayed for bit – sensing that God was speaking even as I was praying. I picked up pen and paper and wrote what I heard:

Hear My voice, my beloved. I know your brokenness. Do you not know I am the Restorer of all that is broken? I can and will cover all your guilt and shame. Do not be afraid! I, your God, am at your right hand. I go before you and I make a way for you.

Come, see! Let Me rebuild what is broken. Be still, let Me display My love in your life. I long to take what you offer – your broken hearts – and make them new. You long for true love, let Me give you that and more in abundance.

My children, trust Me. My grace is sufficient. My mercy is never-ending. My peace is complete. Let Me make you whole. You can walk in power – it is available to all who turn to Me. Trust in Me. Walk with Me. Let Me tell you of My love for you!

You think you are lacking something but yet you don’t come to Me. I am Provider and Sustainer. Test Me and see if this is not true.

Beloved, I love you. I have loved you and will love you. I delight in you. Come and sit with Me. Experience the truth of My love. I take care of My sheep. I heal the hurts, I lead to places of rest. Follow My voice.

Beloved, I say again, I love you.

Steve Pierce

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